One Community, A Shared Passion

First Annual and BIGGEST Health, Wellness & Fitness Exhibition Event in Toronto! Never done before where every aspect of Health and Fitness comes together. UPLVFT strives to connect individuals of all ages to the various health and fitness businesses and resources available locally or corporate to aid in their personal fitness journey. The event includes exclusive deals and promotions from local fitness vendors, recognition and traffic for new start-up fitness/health businesses, and an opportunity to network and connect to a whole community of health and wellness advocates.

UPLVFT inspired by the word “uplifting” was chosen to represent the feeling we strive to ensure everyone experiences at the event and onwards in their fitness journey. As Fitness can be an intimidating industry, many do not know or have access to the resources, knowledge, and or connections to cater to their personal fitness goals and needs. UPLVFT will be a one-stop-shop exhibition event that

will have something for everyone new and old to the health and fitness community.

"Where Strength & Vitality is Unified" - UPLVFT highlights the importance of various health and wellness practices and resources that enhance one's fitness abilities. The event is categorized into 3 major components:

HEALTH - Chine medicine practitioners, IV vitamin drip therapy, micro-dosing companies, Meal Prep/ custom dietary businesses, GUT health counseling, etc.

WELLNESS - Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Athletic Therapists, Yoga Studios/instructors, Float studios, Sauna and Cold Plunge studios etc.

FITNESS - Local gyms, studios, MMA, Fitness Apparel, Coaches, Group training, Gym Equipment, Supplement Stores etc.

** special guests appearances + Meet and greet, free goodies/samples, automatic raffle prize entry for all ticket holders, deadlift competitions, Panel with famous athletes and more! **


UPLVFT is projecting to host the next event in Miami January 2024

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