Untitled w/ Shlømo & Keith Carnal

Untitled is a series of events brought to you by like-minded individuals who believe your experience should not just stop at the audio, but also be a visual sensation. This downtown venue will be powered by the KV2 Audio, which has seen personal praise from the likes of Danny Tenaglia, SNTS, and Denise Rabe. Jeisson Drenth (NL) will be providing a VJ set to complete the audio-visual experience.

Website: http://www.jeissondrenth.com/


Shlømo [Taapion Records | Delsin Records | ARTS]
At the heart of the French techno underground scene, Shlømo has swiftly emerged with his own distinctive sound, mostly on his own Taapion Records but also on influential labels like Delsin, Singular records, and Arts Collective.

Balancing real feeling with all important dancefloor function, his sets and production marry stark moods with absorbing atmospheres and for that reason have found favor with key techno tastemakers around the globe. Playing in the scenes most esteemed clubs such as Berghain / Panorama BarBASSIANI, and CONCRETE, the Canadian debut of Shlømo is not one to be missed.

RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/shlomo
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/shl-mo

Keith Carnal [ARTS | Afterlife]
Amsterdam based Keith Carnal has in recent years become seen as somewhat of a tastemaker in today’s world of techno. His style of techno always has a strong emphasis on melodies and groove - it is made for dancing no doubt.

Often the melody creates a rather ominous feeling for the listener, but with a certain melancholy to it. This is weighed up expertly with Keith focusing on the tracks being driven forward by strong percussion elements. His compositions contain a fresh vibe that immerses his audience as much as it does with his fellow producer and DJ colleagues. 

RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/keithcarnal
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/keithcarnal

Ryan Lamont [OddSine Music | De-Konstrukt]

Andrew J Stephen


*In order to create a friendly and inviting dancefloor atmosphere, we respectfully ask our guests to refrain from taking photos and videos that cause a distraction to others. We also have a strict no-harassment policy in effect, be nice to one another. We also kindly ask that guests respect the venue and most importantly, themselves.

*19+ licensed event with proof age required. Coat check available on site.