Trivia Club at Farside

HOSTED by RUSSEL HARDER... the man in the bow-tie!

Starting at 8PM, that Trivia Club goodness that you know and love from six years of game show goodness in Toronto, at your living room away from home, Farside! It all takes place within three rounds of team-based trivia excellence, at one of the coolest places in Toronto and Chinatown East!

Farside is easily accessible by the 504 King, 505 Dundas and 506 College streetcars! Just steps from Gerrard and Broadview!

Drinks! Snacks! Beers on tap, liquor on rail and sweeeeeet vibes! Come early, before 8pm to save your team a table and to chow down on these great eats, drink those sweet drinks.

Win the prized GOLDEN VHS tape, pop culture-flavored swag, as well as wonderful prizes!

Come as a group of 2 to 6 people per trivia team (sign-up your team now on Facebook, either on the event wall or through PM)! It's an evening of pop culture and general knowledge trivia in three rounds! Perfected for your optimal enjoyment!

The FIRST round, TRIVIA CLASSIC! You'll be supplied with pens and papers as you answer 10 questions to warm-up your mind and thrill your brain! The first round may include such classic questions as Actor Verb Actor, Tag The Line, The IMDB Key, and of course Mash-up Madness! The round will end with TRIVIA ROYALE! How much do you know? Prove it, as the clock ticks down and the buzzer sounds!

The SECOND round, GAME SHOW GAMES, consists of our Family Feud influenced SURVEY SAAAAYS! COMBO BREAKDOWN, which awards points to the last team standing, and Trivia Club's own Price Is Right-styled mad science experiment, COUNTDOWN TAKEDOWN!

The third and FINAL round is TRI-PARDO! THREE QUESTIONS chosen by YOU, named in honor of the dearly departed Saturday Night Live announcer Don Pardo. With the point totals for each question being decided by a roll of a d20! With it's tried and tested, crowd-friendly format! Once all is said and done, every team must hunker down to wager in the TRIVIA FINALE!


Trivia Club at Farside

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