Triio - Six-ish Plateaus CD Release - Elastic Recordings - feat. Animatist

Coming out of a strikingly long development cycle (most of the pandemic), Triio is returning with new music, a new lineup/instrumentation and a new release out on Elastic Recordings.

We'll be joined by Animatist for the night and the merch table's going to be stacked. It's going to be a blast.

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Established in 2012, Triio has grown from a quartet featuring local Canadian composers and modern jazz to a sextet featuring cinematic compositions that focus on the interplay and mutual influence shared between written music and free/collective improvisation. Contrasting intricate written sections with open ended improvisation, the music allows for total freedom of expression while still maintaining a distinct direction from piece to piece, with the goal of continuously creating a living score that is always open to the moment.

Triio’s second full length release, Six-ish Plateaus will be released on Sept. 9, 2022

Bea Labikova - Alto/Soprano Sax

Naomi McCarroll-Butler - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax

Tom Fleming - Guitar

Michael Davidson - Vibraphone

Stefan Hegerat - Drums

AF - Double Bass/Compositions

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Animatist is a four piece experimental rock band from Toronto, Ontario led by guitarist Brent O’Toole. The rhythm section, comprised of Steve Cook on bass and Ian Hinds on drums, form the driving foundation of the band’s powerful sound. The picture is completed by the angular melodies and ambient textures of saxophonist and synth player, Danielle Fernandes. Together they perform rhythmically deft compositions that evoke equal parts math, post, and progressive rock. Animatist has toured Ontario and Quebec, sharing the stage with artists including Fet.Nat, ART the Band, and Peripheral Vision. They’ve also performed for the Guelph Jazz Festival, Rock the Coliseum, Kazoo! Guelph and Festival Lingua Franca.

Throughout 2019 Animatist debuted new material woven into gapless sets that were equally energetic and mesmerizing. It was through perfecting their mind altering live performances that they developed the concepts and songs that would eventually become their sophomore release, INVERTED. Releasing on July 3rd, 2020 on Glue Gun Records, this album continues to explore the polyrhythmic textures, dark atmospheres and progressive compositions they’ve come to be known for.

Danielle Fernandez - Alto Sax/Synths

Brent O'Toole - Guitar

Steve Cook - Electric Bass

Ian Hinds - Drums

Triio - Six-ish Plateaus CD Release - Elastic Recordings - feat. Animatist

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