Toronto Silent Film Festival: The Gold Diggers and "A Night at the Movies"

A Night at the Movies--with a 1920s jazz age attitude to celebrate both the return of the original GOLD DIGGERS to audiences and its 100th Anniversary.

Movie going audiences of a century ago had a much different movie going experience that included much more than the live musical accompaniment. We're recreating what it was like with a cartoon, a serial chapter, newsreels and human interest stories in addition to the feature film. What's more, each of the shorts is somehow involved with a "lost" theme. The rare cartoon was never originally released (and it comes from the founder of a very famous studio), the cliff-hanger serial chapter was once lost, scenes are from a lost US community, Newreels & interest stories to astound you (you think driverless cars are new?-think again)

But we're all here for The Gold Diggers--once lost for close to a century, it was recently found in the UK in pristine condition and you'll be the 1st Canadian audience to see it in 100 years. A prestige picture from Warner Bros. ticks all the boxes for flapper fun-a jazz age mix of parties, costumes, backstage shenanigans, cocktails --you name it, it has it.

"Stephen refuses to allow his nephew to marry Violet, a chorus girl, as he judges that all chorus girls are "gold diggers" and after money. Jerry, Violet’s friend, decides to use reverse psychology and vamps Stephen to show him what real gold digging really about. However, things go very off script when Jerry falls hard for Stephen".

Favourite Intertitle “They’re just good, honest, hardworking girls. They’re working us as hard as they can”

Bonus: you'll see & hear how the film collector Josh Cattermole came to find this lost treasure in 2021.

As always, live musical accompaniment by Marilyn Lerner.

Tickets available from Eventbrite or at the door. Passes also available

Festival runs April 14-16