Toronto Silent Film Festival: 1000 Laffs Comedy Shorts-The Lot of Fun

The Hal Roach Studio in the 1920s was like a candy store for hungry comedy goers-an absolute overabundance of top notch comedians.

From comedy teams to solo artists, this showcase of “The Lot of Fun” comes jammed packed with TSFF favourites:

Laurel & Hardy are prison escapees with the cops hot on their tails. What choice do the boys have but climb an unfinished skyscaper? It’s mayhem over matter with the boys and shows that it wasn't just Harold Lloyd who could make thrill comedies. Liberty

The kids of Our Gang create their own makeshift country fair and put on a show including imitations of their favourite movie stars in The Big Show.

TSFF favourite Charley Chase gets his teeth fixed and becomes irresistible to the ladies. His wife gets her nose fixed and becomes irresistible to the guys. What could possibly go wrong? Marital bliss it is not! in Mighty Like a Moose.

Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels & Snub Pollard gets neck deep into all sorts of trouble in a dance hall when crooks try to take everything they have in Young Mr. Jazz. One of the finest one-reel comedies around.

Returning favourites Anita Garvin & Marion Byron get way in over their head with hot babies in this surprise short.

Live accompaniment by Jordan Klapman .

Introduced by early Comedy expert Chris Seguin.

Tickets available on Eventbrite or at the door. Special low priced kids tickets too. Day passes or Festival Passes also available. Festival runs April 14-16 .