Toronto Rush vs. Pittsburgh Thunderbirds

Come enjoy our fun, affordable and family friendly events that showcase the sport of ultimate being played at its highest level! #Feel the Rush#

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Ultimate is a fast, flowing and highly athletic low-contact sport that is played by advancing a disc down a field to score by passing into the end zone. Players cannot run with the disc and play continues until one team scores.

The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) strives to maintain ultimate’s rich history. The league's 24 franchises embody the robust spirit of ultimate's players, fans, and community alike. Each team competes in a 12-game regular season schedule, with top teams entering a playoff round and divisional winners advancing to a final four style Championship Weekend.

The Toronto Rush joined the League’s East division in the 2013 season – becoming the first Canadian AUDL team to join. The Rush franchise has been the model of consistency. With five consecutive East Division titles, three appearances in League Championship Finals, and one AUDL title. For the 2023 season, The Rush will play all 6 home games at Varsity Stadium. Our audience enjoys our exciting, affordable, family friendly events. With pinpoint passing and the unique flight of the disc, each game generates many exciting catches and defensive plays that frequently appear on EPSN’s Sports Center Top 10, Fox Sports, Bleacher Report and other leading sports shows.

This year Toronto Rush will host six home games at the Varsity Stadium (located at 299 Bloor Street West, right next to ROM). Schedules are as follows:

Game 1: Toronto Rush vs Montreal Royal, May 13 2023, 16:00 EDT

Game 2: Toronto Rush vs DC Breeze, May 20 2023, 18:00 EDT

Game 3: Toronto Rush vs Philadelphia Phoenix, June 10 2023, 18:00 EDT

Game 4: Toronto Rush vs Pittsburgh Thunderbirds, June 17 2023, 18:00 EDT

Game 5: Toronto Rush vs Montreal Royal, June 25 2023, 14:00 EDT

Game 6: Toronto Rush vs Boston Glory, July 1 2023, 15:00 EDT

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