Toronto FC Pre-Game Magic Show - game ticket included

Love Toronto FC? Come join us at BMO field for an awesome pre-game magic show in the VIP clubhouse prior to the game!

We will have 3 amazing magicians perform for you to get you ready for the game! Your ticket to the magic show also include a ticket to the Toronto FC game (200 level).

After the magic show, we will all head to a nearby pub/restaurant to have some good eats and drinks before heading to our seats. This will be a fun day for all ages!

We will hand out game tickets at the magic show when you check in.

Your featured performers are:

Ben Train and Jonah Babins: The dynamic duo that run the Toronto Magic Company, these guys are the A-listers amongst Toronto magicians. They have performed and wowed audiences all over the world, including for Penn and Teller, and have taught and inspired countless other magicians. They're very well respected in the magician community, and you'll see exactly why with their sharp wit, impossible mind reading, and clever sleight of hand.

Kang the Incredible: He's a viral Tiktok magician with well over 10 million views, and he's taken his act to the the stage with much fanfare. His show consists of flashy gimmicks, mentalism, and a whole lot of magical fun!