Toronto Butt Blitz

Ready to take part in the world’s largest cigarette butt cleanup? 

Join us all over Toronto to pick up 1 MILLION BUTTS on April 1st!

Every day approximately 1 million cigarette butts are dropped on the ground in the City of Toronto. What's the goal? To pick up 1 million butts! 

How does it work?

On April 1st from 10am-2pm, head out anywhere in the City of Toronto and pick up as many cigarette butts as you can

Bring your butts to one of our drop-off locations immediately

That's it! If you feel like it, head over to Ripley's Aquarium to see all ONE MILLION cigarette butts collected and counted together!

Anyone is welcome to participate! Make sure to register for the event on our website!

Let’s make Toronto shine and send those butts to be recycled