The Walrus Talks Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is already part of our lives. It’s built into the operating systems in our phones, it’s the algorithms that define our social media and search feeds, and it detects fraudulent withdrawals from our bank accounts. But the possibilities of rapid technological expansion are causing many of us concern.

At The Walrus Talks Artificial Intelligence, experts representing different industries come together to expand on the rapidly changing phenomenon of AI. Whether you are for AI or against it, there are a lot of questions about the technology: can it help save lives when used in medical settings? Will it destroy white collar job markets? Whose ethics are being implemented in its programming parameters? What kind of regulations are needed to safeguard us from potential harm? And, perhaps most importantly: where do we find the middle ground?

Join seven speakers at The Walrus Talks Artificial Intelligence as they tackle questions with no easy answers, and present us with different ways to face today’s most pressing challenges.


Navneet Alang, Tech Columnist, Toronto Star

Craig Alleva, Director, Google Cloud Customer Engineering, Canada

Golnoosh Farnadi, Assistant Professor, HEC Montréal, University of Montréal; Core Academic Member, MILA; Canada CIFAR AI Chair

Mariel Marshall, Artist and Entrepreneur, bluemouth inc. and Tandem Experiences

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