The Walrus Leadership Forum: Trust in Democracy

At The Walrus Leadership Forum: Trust in Democracy, speakers will discuss key findings from the 2023 CanTrust Index, an annual nationwide study conducted by Proof Strategies. This year’s version of the CanTrust Index will pose questions about which leaders and levels of government people across Canada find trustworthy as well as which sectors, corporations, services, and institutions have strong (or weak) trust levels.

With voter turnout at historic lows, our speakers will share their expertise to provide context and insight into how these perceptions can impact engagement and shape crucial decisions now and into the future. Join us to better understand how shifting trust levels across regions and demographics impact the health of our democracy.


Bruce MacLellan, President and CEO, Proof Strategies

Catherine McKenna, Principal, Climate and Nature Solutions and Chair, UN Secretary General Expert Group on Net Zero

Genevieve Tomney, Vice President, Public Affairs, Proof Strategies

Zain Velji, Partner and Vice President, Strategy at Northweather