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Dig deeper into the film's timely themes at our post-screening discussion between director Ra’anan Alexandrowicz (via Skype) and award-winning documentary filmmaker Brett Story (The Hottest August)

Is seeing really believing? In this one-of-a-kind cinematic encounter, filmmaker Ra’anan Alexandrowicz invites Maia Levy, a young Jewish American student and ardent supporter of Israel, to watch videos of life in the West Bank while sitting in a dark lab-like room. We follow Maya’s candid and immediate reactions—empathy, anger, embarrassment, innate biases, healthy curiosity—as she attempts to reconcile the images with her own worldview. What emerges is a vital and multi-layered film that extends far beyond the Israel-Palestine conflict to explore the ways ideas and beliefs shape what we see—and whether non-fiction images can truly capture the truth in our over-saturated digital society.

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