The Giant's Causeway: Irish Scottish Pop-Up at Farmhouse

Our Chef Daniel Holloway & FARMHOUSE TAVERN's Chef Eoin Ramsbottom have collaborated on a special Irish Scottish dinner.

Dinner is 19 and tickets are $100. Tickets available by calling FARMHOUSE TAVERN only at 416-561-9114. Seating is limited to 25 seats.

The two chefs of Scottish and Irish decent respectfully, were inspired by the legend surrounding the Giant's Causeway; an area located on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland with over 40,000 interlocking basalt columns. According to Gaelic mythology, Irish 'giant' Fionn Mac Cumhaill was challenged to a fight by Scottish 'giant' Benandonner. Mac Cumhaill accepted the challenge and built the causeway across the North Channel so that the two giants could meet.


Gluais faicilleach le cupan ln

Go carefully with a full cup

Welcome Drink by the Fire Homemade Toasted Oat Atholl Brose


Chan ann leis achiad bhuille thuiteas achraobh.

It is not with the first stroke that the tree falls.

Irish Stew Braised Lamb on top of a Charred Leek & Potato Scone, Celery Root Puree, Onion Consomm and Carrot Chip


Is ann an ceann bliadhna a dhinnseas iasgair a thuiteamas.

It is at the years end that the fisher can tell his luck

Baked Coley Cullen Skink with Kilkenney Batter Crisp, Tattie Chips and Crusty Bread


Am fear a bhios a riarachadh na maraig, bidh an ceann reamhar eige fhin.

The man that divides the pudding will have the thick end to himself

Hogmanay Homemade Black Pudding with Fried Quail Egg, Square Sausage, Baked Northern White Beans and Tomato Gastrique


Breac linne, slat coille is fiadh freach

A fish from the river, a staff from the wood and a deer from the mountain

Fionn & Benandonner Serf and Turf Duo Braised Shortrib & Smoked Scallop served with Black Currant Hollandaise, Charred Brussels and Toasted Juniper-Barley Flatbread


Cha ddhin doras nach dfhosgail doras.

No door ever closed, but another opened

Crannachan Highland Trifle

Raspberry & Rose Chalice service with Wild Thyme Sponge, Sherry Ice Cream and Burnt Wild Berry Dust

Ith Gu Leir!

Bon apptit

The Giant's Causeway: Irish Scottish Pop-Up at Farmhouse

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