The Flight

The Flight, a new work by acclaimed theatre artist Beryl Bain, explores the ground-breaking life of aviation pioneer Bessie Colman – the first African-American woman and the first Native-American to hold an international pilot’s license.

Rising above economic obstacles and social barriers in the Roaring ’20s, she earned the nickname “Brave Bessie” and even her dreams were quite literally sky high. From flight school in Paris to spectacular barnstorming shows, Bessie dazzled audiences with her bravery, beauty, and technological mastery.

The Flight evokes Bessie’s unshakable optimism, her determination, her vision, and the indomitable self confidence that led her to soar above the clouds, reaching ever closer to the sun.

The Flight will play at Factory Theatre (125 Bathurst Street, Toronto) February 10-18, 2023. For tickets visit or call 416-504-9971.