The Elaine Fleck Gallery presents BRANDON STEEN'S solo exhibition "RGB"

We are very excited to announce Brandon Steen’s upcoming solo exhibition “RGB” this June. This is the tenth series Steen has painted for the Elaine Fleck Gallery.

Brandon Steen’s paintings promote the architectural legacy of Toronto, beautifully composed and teeming with “story”, they are decidedly original, and museum worthy. If you’re interested in collecting the best in Canadian art, Steen is a must.

In his newest series “RGB”, Brandon Steen explores the ever increasing reality of how the world is seen less through an analogue lens with more reliance on red, green & blue pixelated digital screens (RGB). The artist focuses on recording how this materializes our approximated states of reality.

Brandon’s deep-seated knowledge of Toronto forms the foundation in his striking, immersive & meticulous paintings. Interested in capturing beauty found in the mundane of the cityscape, painting light through colour and revealing history through bold storytelling graffiti. In each thoughtfully detailed painting is the co-existence of urban animals often through pigeons and the artist’s dogs.

The Elaine Fleck Gallery presents BRANDON STEEN'S solo exhibition "RGB"

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