The 6ix Banned Nations Dinner

anada is a nation of immigrants. Indian Street Food Co.'s chef Hemant Bhagwani counts himself in that category, as does much of the U-Feast team. Collectively, we find Donald Trump's executive order banning seven nationalities from entering the USA both anti-democratic and anti human. Food is the universal language of unity – a caveat for community and coexistence – and tonight we'll be spreading a message of inclusion, acceptance and love through the food of the six banned nations. #ImmigrantFood

$20 from every ticket sold will also go directly to support the YMCA Immigrant Services Program.

Chef Hemant was born and raised in India, has lived in Dubai and learnt the delicious food of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. He has many friends here in Toronto from those banned nations that have shared their culinary knowledge with him, and tonight he's bringing you his experiences of these storied food cultures.

We welcome all people, all religions and all those who are fortunate enough to call this great country home to enjoy this 7-course feast together.

Leading up to this special night we encourage everyone to share their unique food stories using the hashtag #ImmigrantFood.




Somalian samosa w/ ground beef or vegetables, hot chilli pepper and bisbaas (hot sauce)


Cauliflower & Okra Shawarma with Salat Zabidi

carrot salad, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, spinach and yoghurt


Harissa Baked Fish

bulgur wheat


Chicken Shashlik

hummus + vegetables

*Note: Iranian cuisine was adopted into North Indian cuisines, where chef Hemant hails



slow roasted leg of lamb, fragrant rice, nuts + raisins



hot pepper dip

Aleppo Kibbeh with Mahasi

zucchini stuffed w/ beef, nuts + rice or kebab


Yemeni Flatbread

Bint Al Sahn

sweet honey cake

$75 per person (includes drinks* and tips)


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The 6ix Banned Nations Dinner

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