Sukkahville is an international design competition that challenges entrants to re-imagine the Sukkah, a temporary structure built during the Jewish festival of Sukkot to commemorate the 40 years that Jews spent wandering the desert. It is described as a symbolic wilderness shelter, symbolizing the frailty and transience of life. The competition challenges architects, designers, artists and student to propose an innovative Sukkah design that balances the dichotomies of new/old, open/closed, temporary/permanent.

The constructed designs will be on display for visitors to see and experience.


October 14 & 15

Awards ceremony will be held on October 15 from 12:15pm - 1pm.

Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen Street West


Kehilla Residential Programme is a non-profit housing agency that identifies and champions affordable housing in the Greater Toronto Area and implements housing initiatives for the Jewish community. The agency organizes Sukkahville, an international design contest now in its fourth year. The event helps create a conversation about affordable housing and raises public awareness through an interactive Sukkah exhibition as well as generates funds for its Rental Assistance Program to help those who need a home.

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