Still House Plants, Oil Giant, Brian Ruryk


UK angular weird punk trio of Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach (voice), Finlay Clark (guitar), and David Kennedy (drums) arrive in Toronto for the first time supporting their album "Fast Edit" out on Blank Forms. Expect jarring guitar jabs that break apart into forlorn melodies barely held together, as raw vocals drip over them. March drum beats speed and slow as if running through mud and finally slipping free. Straight up bare bones punk energy swells in these chopped song structures that feel fastened together with twine and fumes of wayward adrenaline. Still House Plants finds beauty in fractured forms, seamlessly understated vocal reach and their herky jerky flourishes.


Crushing Toronto noise rock quartet moves from ripping angular punk shredding to prodding heavy sludge-y riffage. Guitar feedback swells as repetitive chords grind into your mind. An assault of trebled notes cut through pummelling bass lines only to be buried in layers of dissonance. James Kearns' vocal malaise washes over these gnarled structures like a languid proclamation. Oil Giant are on a methodical rampage against a mundane world.


Toronto avant garde anti-legend Brian Ruryk is easily one of the city's best kept secrets, Ruryk has been manipulating the concepts of sound since the 80s. Free jangled guitar notes spray over a live collage of junk percussion & chaos. Tape samples squeal out amongst herky jerky clatter of Ruryk’s eclectic set up. Much like the coming together of puzzle pieces in a way in which they do not fit, then experiencing the process in which the puzzler, instead of sorting the pieces, just cuts & mangles them to create a new image.

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