"Something Else" Art Exhibit by Archer the Fourth

"Something Else" Visionary artist and designer Archer the Fourth's debut art show presented by LUMAS Gallery in Yorkville, Toronto.

Inspired by nature, Archer the Fourth uses crystals and other natural based materials to tell his story and spread his message of sustainability.

With "Something Else" Archer the Fourth offers a tale of renewal set in the distant future.

A millennium after the extinction of humanity, crystals erupt from the cold grey soil in a furry of rebirth. We nearly took the world with us as our species died in darkness, the victims of our own excesses, but now the sun catches these perfect prisms. Where moments before there was only desolation, light, colour and beauty flow and roll like the rivers and oceans of old.

Abundance, fertility and hope have returned.

A time to reflect upon what we already have and the powers it holds.

The "Something Else" collection will be shown at LUMAS gallery from September 23rd- 25th.

"Something Else" Art Exhibit by Archer the Fourth

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