SickKids Scrubs in the City: Mykonos

Join us to be whisked away by the infinitely azure waters, ethereal sea breezes and fabulous flavours of an island like no other.

Scrubs fuses fantastic food, energized entertainment, and eye-popping décor, into the essence of one of the world’s most glamourous cities. Scrubs is where Toronto’s philanthropic glitterati rub shoulders (and clink glasses). It’s the scene to be seen. This year guests will be transported to a magical city in the heart of the shimmering Aegean Sea – Mykonos.

To date, Scrubs supporters have helped contribute over $8.4 million to various priority areas of the hospital. This year's fundraising will go toward a new neurosurgery navigation system. This innovative system uses 3D technology to help surgeons quickly visualize the brain and spine, enabling them to perform the most delicate of surgeries even when there isn't the luxury of time

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