Raw Materials is thrilled to announce the second instalment of 'SHHHHH', an annual event consisting of diverse musical programming at the Parkdale Public Library. The performances will be spread over two days, all free and accessible to the general public. May 5th's sets will take place on the main floor of the library 7pm-8pm, while May 6th's will happen in the basement auditorium 1pm-5pm / accessible by stairs or elevator.


May 5th

Main Floor / 7-8pm

Kat Estacio

A departure from the more rhythmic stylings of the larger outfit she shares in Pantayo, Kat's solo work blends drifty experimental synth tones with the soft percussive timbre of kulintang. A strange hypnotic world unfolds that is both starkly daunting and deeply inviting. A sinister and brooding trip, modern and traditional listeners are pulled into a new terrain, and there is nowhere to hide.

Julius Pedersen

A gift to Toronto's noise community from the cold shores of Copenhagen, the collisions of Julius' textured soundscapes and modular drone experimentations sound more likely to have been birthed on a different planet altogether. Hair-raisingly chaotic at times, and euphorically ethereal at others, passages seamlessly navigate between musical neighbourhoods that would otherwise seem lightyears apart. Listeners beware, the lo-fi cowboy has ridden into town.


May 6th

Basement Auditorium / 1-5pm

Carl Didur

The difference between local hero and local weirdo often seems not too far off on the surface. Carl's exploratory approach to performance, whether through his homemade concocted instrumentation or the swerve of his tape-loop counterpoint, baffles and mystifies. A quiet musical legend to the lucky, and a simple analogue mechanic to the desperate, in Carl's world we see what the tinkerer can build with broken pieces of old, and it does nothing short of inspire.

Bodies That Matter

A veteran of noise and song, Ian brings both to the table with explosive force and even tact. It was only a matter of time before a drummer jumped on this once solo-project ride, and Phil's timing couldn't be better. The construction and deconstruction of songs unearths feelings that would otherwise be left lost and unconjured. Melodic simplicities crack craters through foreign and layered landscapes, immersing the listener into a rocking trance. Sometimes we all need a reminder of why guitar can be such a powerful tool, and Ian doesn't let that fact go unnoticed.


A project of two musical personalities, Heidi and Andy's performances sound often like eccentric instrumental conversations. A bamboo flute on the prowl meets a few ambitious keys, and musical flirting quickly escalates to a new level of interaction sparks fly!. Clash and glide pacing excites with electronically modified live sampling until we quickly find ourselves in uncharted territory, and perhaps a place of no-return. Keep on your toes, this date's not for the faint of heart.


Zoe and David makeup the sonic mutant that is Manticore, and absolutely nothing in their midst is safe. With motifs strangely harkening to an ancient time, their music sounds simultaneously time capsuled, cracked open and interpreted a few millennia in the future by animal ears. Cutting vocals zig and zag unrelentingly overtop of a surly ambience, riding tension with a controlled aptitude for improv. Jagged and raw, majestic and beautiful, Manticore is a truly unique beast without mercy.

The SKETCH band

That's right, your neighbourhood hub just spawned a band, and these pranksters are ready for action! SHHHHH will be the debut show for this raucous outfit, but needless to say no library will quiet their storm. So bring polaroids, pens and paper, because this historic moment warrants some autographs.

Check out the SKETCH website below to familiarize with some great community initiatives and diverse programming:

Stay tuned for more details!

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