SERIOUSLY fuck 2014

other than a few glorious moments, 2014 has been such a crappy year. just the clusterfuck of organizing this years show is a testament to that.

rather than cheering and hugging at the countdown we should all just give middle fingers to the universe.

we think our selection this year largely represents this feeling. we are stoked.

Godstopper TO

the most subtle manipulation of melody and darkness

there isn't much like these guys in the world. period.

i defy you to listen to their stuff and not get it stuck in your head for days

Rubrics SC-USA

decidedly delicious hardcore/punk

on point politics and no messing around writing


ex- VICES. same guys, different approach.

im a little scared.

Eavesdrop sudbury-hehe

when i was a young attractive skateboarder in the early nineties, this kind of music was my soundtrack.

well felt out arrangements and riffing, but lots of piss and vinegar. fucking love these guys.

Uncle PEI

PV from PEI...who knew!?

gonna be short and sweet, dont effen blink!

Mad Trapper TO

aggro descendants of prettymouth

grindy, tight, aggro. dont hurt yourselves too much...

doors - 8pm

cost - 7$

remember, SOYBOMB isn't a real venue, but the home to 5 people and 2 cats.

please be the awesome guests that we at soybomb are used to hosting in our home. be awesome to one another, and be awesome to the space.

as usual, follow the the wisdom of the signage, dont fuck with your fellow show goers, any dumb-asses will be dealt with like face-tattoo guy from NDY.

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SERIOUSLY fuck 2014

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