Sacred Fire Cacao Ceremony

There has been a palpable shift in what our communities are yearning for. A return to simplicity, ease, tradition, and nature - a desire to not only rediscover but claim our true essence. A knowing that our online connections, no matter how deep, don't hold quite the same potency as gathering in person.

We all have stories within us that yearn to be told. Stories whose power, and lessons grow when we give them voice while being witnessed by others.

Throughout human history our ancestors have gathered around the fire sharing stories. Sharing dreams, hopes and fears. Sharing love, laughter and tears. And for generations, cultures around the world have used cacao as an honoured catalyst to open their hearts in communion with both themselves and others.

We want all of it - the stories, the connection, the ceremonial cacao, the fire (although our fire will an indoor, wood-burning, fire :)

For this Cacao ceremony we will gather in community, side by side, hearts and minds open, to share. Returning to the primal way that is inherent to us as humans.

Tickets are $40 and include an optional 20 minute call with Angela or Nicole (either before or after the ceremony) to support you with integration, or any areas of your life that need a little more attention.