Rue Morgue & Unstable Ground present LITTLE TERRORS Horror Shorts - Vol 23 - Violent Night

Rue Morgue Magazine & Unstable Ground present

LITTLE TERRORS - Short Film Event - Volume 23 - Violent Night

Little Terrors is now in it's third year/season! Come check out a monthly showcase of horror short films! Originally featured at the Toronto rep-cinema 'The Projection Booth', the program's current home is MAGIC LANTERN CARLTON CINEMA. Enjoy two full hours of the craziest, goriest, most-disturbing and off-the-wall short films the genre has to offer! Plus Q&As; with some of the filmmakers! 18+.

The poster this month is hand-drawn artwork from Darryl Shaw!


The twenty-third edition's amazing line-up is a mostly Xmas-themed, and includes a great gift-giveaway courtesy of Rue Morgue, Anchor Bay, Indiecan Entertainment and Unstable Ground!

Sequence (20 minutes, Spain)

DIR: Carles Torrens

A man awakens to find everyone in the world had the same dream about him the night before, and attempts to figure out why. Previous selection of Toronto After Dark, LA Shorts Fest and more.

Treevenge (15 minutes)

DIR: Jason Eisener

A holiday cult-classic in the making, this is required Xmas viewing! The director of 'Hobo with a Shotgun' delivers his own holiday twist on a revenge tale. Nobody is safe! Award-winning previous selection of too many film festivals to count. A Little Terrors Xmas-encore presentation!

The Flea (9 minutes, UK)

DIR: Ben Steiner

A man is racked with guilt from a recent rash of disturbing murders that target children and the elderly.

Breaking Santa (10 minutes)

DIR: Astron 6

The demented minds at Astron 6 (Father's Day, Manborg, Lazer Ghosts 2) have prepared their own holiday treat. An explanation would do it no justice. Guaranteed lunacy! A Little Terrors Xmas-encore presentation!

Merry Little Christmas (21 minutes, Spain)

DIR: Manuel Marin

A shocking and powerful horror film and study on the cycle of abuse. Warning: not for the squeamish.

Dark Times (5 minutes)

DIR: Peter Horn & Jared Marshall

All Hell breaks loose during a Christmas party at a nuclear power plant.

The Flying Man (10 minutes)

DIR: Marcus Alqueres

A mysterious flying vigilante becomes a subject of terror for the criminal population of the city. Impressive short film!

Roid Rage: The Christmas Special (9 minutes)

DIR: Ryan Lightbourn

Follow-up to the twisted Little Terrors favourite 'Roid Rage' has the hemorrhoid killer return to shutdown a meth lab run by Santa and his evil minions. A Little Terrors Xmas-encore presentation!



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