The Roast of Harry Potter

He’s taken on trolls and goblins. He’s survived Dementors. He even stood toe to toe with Voldemort and won. Now join the Boy Who Lived as he takes on his toughest challenge yet: getting a verbal thrashing from his friends and peers - live on stage!

Toronto’s hottest comics play your favourite Hogwarts characters and mercilessly lay into Harry Potter and any other witch or wizard that crosses their path. ONE NIGHT ONLY! Get your tickets now!


Jon Blair as Harry Potter

Amy Bugg as Hermione Granger

Evan Dubois as Ron Weasley

Clare Blackwood as Ginny Weasley

Adrian Cronk as Voldemort

Mark Little as Dobby the House Elf

Sarah Ashby as Draco Malfoy

Daniel Araya as Albus Severus Potter

Andrew Robert as Hagrid

Dan James as Dumbledore

Amanda Custodio as Bellatrix Lestrange

David Brent as Severus Snape

Cassie Cao as Moaning Myrtle

with Sebastian Fazio as Neville Longbottom serving as Roast Master!

WARNING! This is a ROAST show. Nothing is off limits, and as such, sensitive subject matter may be made light of. Please exercise discretion when buying tickets!

The Roast of Harry Potter

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