Porch View Dances

Kaeja d’Dance returns to Seaton Village for a 6th year of

Porch View Dances Real People Dancing in Real Spaces

Concept by Karen Kaeja and developed with Allen Kaeja

Toronto...Dance lovers everywhere will flock to Seaton Village for the sixth year of Porch View Dances. From July 19 to 23, join your neighbours to experience and celebrate the often-quiet stories that make a community what it is. Kaeja d’Dance, Toronto’s cutting-edge contemporary dance company, brings together professional dance artists with ordinary citizens, creating a truly magical outdoor event in the heart of Toronto.

Conceived and developed in 2012, Porch View Dances is an innovative dance festival, engaging members of the community in Seaton Village and surrounding neighbourhoods. Performed by local non-dancer residents in the front yards, porches and courtyards of their own homes, Porch View Dances includes choreographic commissions by local and Canadian talent, including. Allison Cummings, Karen Kaeja, Allen Kaeja, Yvonne Ng and Lua Shayenne The audience is guided from dwelling to dwelling throughout Seaton Village by our tour guide Maurycy (played by Allen Kaeja), watching the stories of a neighbourhood unfold. The event culminates at Vermont Square Park, where the audience joins in Karen's Flock Landing - a gentle and inclusive movement experience for the general public.