Plato's Republic: An Overview

Free. The Republic by Plato (375 BCE) is a series of discussions between Socrates and Plato?s two cousins. Over the course of the book, Socrates defines the just city under the rule of the just Philosopher Kings. He questions a wide range of assumptions about justice, education, political systems and knowledge. By applying rational argument, Socrates and his companions establish what constitutes truth and the Good.

The intervening millennia between Socrates' time and ours have not lessened the impact of this great work, even though our society and thought are vastly different.

To introduce The Republic and put it in its historical context, we have an expert on Plato. Andre Lanoue is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto who teaches ancient philosophy. He will go through the text of the Republic unpacking its arguments. This is an excellent talk for anyone who is planning to read The Republic or who like a refresher.