Our Beautiful City: Campaign: The Making of a Candidate

Our Beautiful City: explores the civic challenges and opportunities that face Toronto today—and the lessons we can learn from other cities.

Our series on the future of Toronto continues with this classic doc on the Toronto Mayoral election of 2003 and David Miller's unlikely come-from-behind victory. One of the most intimate portraits of urban politics ever recorded, this gripping story, shot from the inside of the Miller campaign, captures our city at a decisive moment in its modern history and has renewed relevance as Toronto prepares to head to the polls this October. And who better to discuss these important events than the former mayor himself?

Now the North American director for C40, a network of the world's megacities committed to addressing climate change, David Miller will join us after the film to share his perspectives on the civic challenges and opportunities that still face Toronto 15 years after his triumphant campaign, and what his 7 impactful years as mayor can teach us about the future of cities.