of place or position or posture

of place or position or posture is a group show composed of eight lens-based artists from the Gallery 44 membership’s exhibiting collective, Spectra.

Blurred landscapes as seen from the window of a train invite a decoding of the in-motion images captured by Marzieh Miri. The solid-looking monolithic buildings of Toronto’s financial district sit against a seemingly transient sky in images by Attila Ataner—their contrasting presences ask us to reconsider our ideas regarding what we perceive as permanent. Noam Hacker’s series evidences the artist’s instinctual meanderings and his pull towards the travels of light as it gently touches city surfaces.

Each artists’ work in this exhibition looks at movement from a different vantage point: as a change of one’s position, the way an image expresses energy through formal acts of composition, or how transformations on a monumental scale happen around us—even if seemingly static to our eyes. Slow, fast, long, or short, there are different types of movement gently guiding us through our lives. of place or position or posture has an energetic pull, the artworks undulating across the surface of Peter MacKendrick Community Gallery’s walls, reminding us to think about the ways in which we move throughout the world

Attila Ataner, Chris Lashbrook, Claudia Pawlak, David Scriven, Laura Honsberger, Marzieh Miri, Maureen O’Connor, Noam Hacker

Curated by Fehn Foss

Gallery 44 Members Exhibition

October 3rd - October 10, 2022

Peter MacKendrick Community Gallery

Artscape Wychwood Barns

76 Wychwood Ave, Toronto

Gallery hours:

Monday - Wednesday 12pm - 5pm

Thursday - Friday 12pm - 8pm

Saturday - Sunday 10am - 5pm

Artist talk Thursday, October 6th from 6pm - 8pm

images: Claudia Pawlak, Laura Honsberger

of place or position or posture

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