Nite Comfort 64 - Dark Tapes, Blank Nurse / No Light

This episode is a heavy one to match the dark depths of winter.

PWYC, 9pm


is an experimental electronic project by Evan

Davies (Several Futures, Republic of Safety). Through an amalgam of noise, drone, dance, and post-metal, Davies attempts to create a

challenging sonic ritual. The most recently released BLANK NURSE

record, HIV 1994, has been described as “… an opus of direct

complexity, which refers to certain eighties sounds that are

reminiscent of Throbbing Gristle, Nurse With Wound, etc ... while

drawing on the artist's own story, to develop captive titles, seismic

jerks and caresses of deep emotions.” ( On the soon-to-be-released 2019 follow-up, Music for a Circle, Davies has focused on cathartic ritual ambient music heavily influenced by occult practice and magick.

Dark Tapes - 9pm

Sounds from the Cosmos. Faded Memories & the Ghosts of Forgotten memes. Dark Tapes, produces Lofi Dreams, Vapor Beats, Synthwaves, & Drone Tones to bring whimsical melancholy to the masses. Origins unknown, but there may have been an incident involving an electrical storm at the old abandoned warehouse, and then like, he got some really cool powers and stuff.

Look out for his new album, "In the computer room" out right now on digital or cassette, at the dupe shop or

Join us for this episode in the ongoing search for genre-defying, boundary-pushing music and other hidden gems in the heart of the city. The 1st Sunday of each month, focusing on live eclectic, electronic, ambient, drowsy beats, loose bytes, droney feats, psychic lights, live visuals, noisy tangents, artful dodging.


Nite Comfort 64 - Dark Tapes, Blank Nurse / No Light

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