Mindfulness Challenge 2023: A Virtual Meditate-a-thon with Shelly Tygielski

A virtual meditate-a-thon to support the mental health of underserved populations.

Mindfulness to Transform our World: Inner Practice to Outward Action

Join us this year as we explore mindfulness and meditation practices that can transform our world. Through awareness, we become calm, centred, and present. We increase our compassion and kindness towards ourselves and towards others, creating a shared sense of humanity. We can relate to others in a calmer, kinder way, and from this place of compassion, we can inspire meaningful action – moment by moment, person by person – to transform our world (for the better).

This inspiring three-hour live event will include a variety of meditation and mindfulness practices, as well as a movement practice. You will also be given a one-hour walking meditation that you can do on your own time. This is a peer-to-peer fundraising event where participants will ask their friends and family to sponsor them and help them to achieve their fundraising goals. All of the funds raised from the Mindfulness Challenge will go towards our Community Program, which offers free mindfulness programs to support the mental health of underserved populations across Canada. Nurture your own well-being while helping our communities most in need!