Magnificent 70mm - Vertigo

Spend your winter in widescreen with films that should be seen as big and as loud as possible, in glorious 70mm: Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo.

A mesmeric plunge into a vortex of time, memory and obsession, Vertigo is "one of the landmarks — not merely of the movies, but of twentieth-century art" (Chicago Reader), featuring some of the most evocative imagery in cinema, from the Saul Bass' iconic opening credits to Scottie's spiralling nightmare.

Former San Francisco police detective Scottie (James Stewart), who has retired from the force due to his crippling fear of heights, is hired to follow his old friend's supposedly suicidal wife (Kim Novak).

Quickly falling in love with this blonde goddess, Scottie loses her with equal speed — but when he meets a brunette shopgirl Judy (Novak again), her uncanny resemblance to Madeleine leads him to try to remake her in the image of his lost love.