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Luge, Retired, Processor, Cutout Lover


Toronto free form punk jazz wanderers bring dark eerie forbidding sonic meanderings to life. Percussive movements that cruise seamlessly through ominous bass tones. Guitar growls unhinged, as saxophone splutters a bitter syrup. Like a junkyard creation slowly breaking apart as it races towards an impending destruction that will never come. Becoming more haunting & mangled as it evolves from one form to another. The swing of jazz emanates from what is more like some lost kraut jam.


Toronto no wave freaks bust angular guitar & bass jabs over funk infused rhythms that squirm and shake. Bouncing bass lines & speedy drum patterns pull you in, as Luge seamlessly morphs from a languid stroll into chaotic spazz punk fury. Absurdist vocals wander amoungst mangled guitar notes. Their locked in ryhtms section spits out bastard funk grooves sund like they are straight out of late 1970's NYC.


Lorenz Peter & M. Joakim's dark electronic post punk duo juxtaposes blistering electronics with driving synth beats. Bit of electronic notes shatter & reform in this spectral manipulating of tapes, modulators and synthesized sound. Like the score to some demonic haunted house, you can't escape it's pulsating rhythms, as this intricate web of refracting sound envelops you. Rhythmic synth patterns dance with strings of modulated notes, creating a twisted whirlwind of pulsating beats lost in a storm of dissonance.


NYC avant jazz meet punk ensemble led by saxophonist Chris Pitsiokos, animates tightly packed compositions full of rupturous vocal squalls, guitar and saxophone stabs dancing over an angular rhythms section, and frantic aggression. The quintet moves from subvertly funky no wave-esque passages to free jazz sax tantrums. Pitsiokos' control and power on the horn makes him an obvious NYC avant jazz shredder to keep an eye on. Singer Paige Johnson-Brown's vocals growl, as the band rips through squirming groove heavy movements. Catch the rise of the new New York weirdo scene!

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Luge, Retired, Processor, Cutout Lover

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