Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy Trivia 1.1, first night

Gondor calls for aid! Gather your fellowship for Hemingway's FIRST EVER Lord of the Rings (Movie) Trivia!

Hosted by Quizmaster Jess, you can follow her on IG @QuizmasterJess

*This is the first night of the first series, LOTR Movie Trivia 1.1. It will have questions on the EXTENDED versions of the 3 films in the LOTR Trilogy (the Hobbit films and Rings of Power will not be included).

Join our trivia exclusive FB group here to be notified when we release the next series of questions, LOTR Trilogy Trivia 2.0: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hemingwaysthemedtrivia/


- Doors opens at 6pm. Come in for dinner and LOTR themed drinks

- 3 rounds, 15 questions each

- First question is at 7:00pm SHARP

- Top 3 teams win a $50 - $100 Hem's gift card


- Tickets are $10.00 per player + tax & eventbrite fees

- You will be prompted to input your team name - please choose a unique team name!

- Ensure all of your team members give the same team name when they sign up

- Minimum of 1 player and max of 6 players per team


Due to high demand of tickets, REFUNDS are available, so please process the refund up to 48 hours before to let someone else buy those tickets. Hemingway's will provide a full refund of the ticket, however Eventbrite does NOT provide a refund of their eventbrite fees.


Due to popular demand, we run many of our themed trivia events on multiple nights. This is communicated to our fans by using a version number for each unique set of questions. For example, LOTR 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 are three different events of the same version and therefore have duplicate questions.

To ensure your enjoyment, and the enjoyment of all trivia fans attending an event, please do not attend two different nights of the same version of a trivia theme. If you had enjoyed yourself at one of our trivia nights, and would like to come again, you are invited to attend a different theme, or wait for the release of the next version of the same theme (e.g. LOTR 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3).

Join our private Facebook Group, Hemingway's Themed Trivia, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/257663074925933.

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See you soon!

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Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy Trivia 1.1, first night

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