Last Call at the Broadview Hotel - A Dinner & Theatre Experience

Last Call at the Broadview Hotel is an exciting new show from the Hogtown Collective, featuring live music and an intimate, immersive experience, with dinner, at The Broadview Hotel.

Enjoy a three-course dinner whilst the immersive theatre experience happens around you. There will be dancing, dinner, drinking and drama!


The year is 1927. The Broadview Hotel is under the ownership of one Nile Carragher, a smooth-talking, double-dealing impresario who uses the Hotel as a front for his other business interests.

Rumours of money laundering and trafficking have plagued Carragher for years, but so far the cops havent been able to catch up.

That is, until tonight.

Thanks to a tip from an anonymous source, Carragher discovers the authorities are planning to shut the place down in a matter of hours. Rather than run from the cops, however, our slick Hotelier decides to face the music literally- by putting on one final cabaret show for his guests.

One last hurrah, and one last chance for the Broadview Belles to perform their party piece. But things dont always go as planned, as Carraghers associates have other ideas about how to go

out with a bang

Last Call at the Broadview Hotel features a colourful array of saucy performers, jilted lovers, crooked losers, wise fools and of course the White Hot Jazz Band.

Last Call at the Broadview Hotel - A Dinner & Theatre Experience

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