LandMarks: Art Places Perspectives

LandMarks2017: Art + Places + Perspectives / Repères2017: Art + lieux + perspectives

Dec 12 - Dec. 28, 2017

Opening Reception, Dec. 14 7pm-10pm

“Landmarks are meeting places. They can be features of the landscape—or part of the built environment. The land is marked by time, by the elements, by the habits of animals and peoples. Landmarks define boundaries and echo multiple histories, stories and beliefs. They give shape to our collective memories. To mark is to act.” - From LandMarks/Repères2017 curatorial statement.

“Any meaningful project examining the occasion of Canada at 150 is necessarily complex, multi-faceted, and divergent. When we approached this contentious anniversary, we made a collective decision to take a lead from Indigenous epistemologies where time is deep, land is central, and rights are unresolved. We imagined working with contemporary artists whose practices would challenge dominant narratives, bearing witness to lesser known stories and non-linear histories that connect us more strongly to the land and its multiplicity of voices.” - From LandMarks/Repères2017 curatorial epilogue.

Created and presented throughout 2016 and 2017 LandMarks/Repères2017 aimed to inspire dialogue about the people, places and perspectives that have shaped our past and are vital to our futures. It invited people to creatively explore and deepen their connection to the land through a series of contemporary art projects in and around Canada’s National Parks and Historic Sites, culminating in a national exhibition from June 10-25, 2017.

LandMarks: Art + Places + Perspectives brings this national project together through an intimate exhibit at Gladstone Hotel.

Featuring: Michael Belmore, Rebecca Belmore, Chris Clarke & Bo Yeung, Leah Decter, Raphaëlle de Groot, Cheryl L’Hirondelle & Camille Turner, Jeneen Frei Njootli, Maureen Gruben, Ursula Johnson, Douglas Scholes and Jin-Me Yoon

LandMarks2017 was created by PIA, presented by TD and was a Canada 150 Signature Project.

LandMarks: Art + Places + Perspectives is co-presented by the Gladstone Hotel

image credit: Stitching My Landscape, Maureen Gruben

LandMarks: Art Places Perspectives

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