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Tower of Song: Remembering Leonard Cohen: Pay tribute to the legendary poet, songwriter and artist.

This Genie Award–winning documentary follows a 30-year-old Leonard Cohen on a visit to his hometown of Montreal. Before he was the celebrated musician, Cohen was a poet and a novelist. This NFB documentary casually observes Cohen in his daily routine: he bathes, he gets a haircut, he delivers a reading before an audience. As he goes about his day, a portrait emerges of a thoughtful, perceptive and soulful man.

Screening with:

I'm Your Man D: Roslyn Schwartz | Canada | 1996 | 5 min Schwartz’s playful and humorous animation accompanied by Cohen’s song of the same name skewers common romantic clichés.

Poen D: Josef Reeve | Canada | 1967 | 5 min Leonard Cohen delivers four different readings of a poem from his book Beautiful Losers. Each time it is a little different, and each time the accompanying visuals evoke new responses.

Poets on Film No. 1 D: Elizabeth Lewis | Canada | 1977 | 2 min In this Excerpt from Poets on Film No 1, director Elizabeth Lewis animates Cohen’s poem, “A Kite is a Victim.”

Angel D: Derek May | Canada | 1966 | 7 min Leonard Cohen makes an uncredited appearance in this whimsical and humorous experimental film about a man, woman and a dog attempting to fly.

WED, JAN 18, 6:30 PM