Kokedama - Japanese Moss Ball Design

‘Moss ball bonsai,’ Kokedama is the Japanese art of planting without pots. A ball of soil or clay covered with moss is used to support the plant’s roots. Considered to be cheerful, peaceful, and calm, this charming design style began in the seventeen century. Perfect in small spaces, Kokedama are often presented on decorative plates, wood branches, or stone but they can also be suspended in the air with the help of a cord. In this workshop, you’ll learn the history of this art, get an introduction to moss (an often ignored member of the plant kingdom), and learn to make your own beautiful kokedama.

All materials required will be provided. Workshop not affiliated with Certificate in Floral Design.

Wednesday, August 9, 6 to 8 p.m.

Public $55, Members $45 (plus applicable taxes and fees)

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