Price: $40 Regular, $36 Friends, $30 Seniors and Students

Tickets include Museum Admission.

A limited number of rush tickets will be available at the door.

Experience the transcendent, soulful rhythms of Gnawa music with Grammy-nominated music group Innov Gnawa, under the leadership of Ma'alem Hassan Ben Jaafer. This celebration in honour of Black History Month is presented in association with Small World Music.

Often referred to as “Sufi Blues,” Gnawa is rooted in Morocco’s ancient history. Over centuries, infectious rhythms and polytheistic spiritual beliefs originating from West African slaves integrated with Islam and the indigenous culture of Morocco, giving birth to a hybrid spiritual sect and musical community. The lyrics of Gnawa songs are prayers invoking saints and spirits for freedom and liberation.

Ma'alem Hassan Ben Jaafer will be accompanied by Amino Belyamani and Nawfal Atiq, along with guest musicians, all playing the qraqeb, metal castanets whose staccato sounds are said to represent the shackles and chains of slaves.

Innov Gnawa

A fixture in the global music tapestry of New York, Grammy-nominated music group Innov Gnawa performs Moroccan Gnawa trance music around the world. Over the years, they have played shows in many prestigious American venues, including Coachella, Terminal 5, Red Rocks Amphitheater, the Lincoln Center, the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and the Brooklyn Bowl.

Showcase presented in association with Small World Music Series