Ice Roads to Adventure with Oliver Solaro

Although temperatures often dip below -35°C, reaching -75°C at highway speeds, Oliver Solaro's winter adventures have included riding his motorcycle more than 8,000 km in two weeks from his home in Owen Sound to the ice roads of Fort Severn on the western shore of the Hudson's Bay, searching for Canadian hockey legend Bashing Bill Barilko's 1951 crash site, and delivering half a ton of desperately needed supplies to landlocked Churchill, Manitoba.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear from and interact with a true ice-road biking adventurer like Oliver. In addition to screening Director Cuts of his films: The Brokentooth Project, Blue Line and AKA Brokentooth, Oliver will be narrating behind-the-scene commentary, sharing personal stories of survival in extreme conditions, insights on cold-weather riding, gear selection, and how to stitch yourself up with a know, just in case.