G'zaagiin malenki I Promise You a Forest at WeeFestival 2023

G’zaagiin maleńki – I Promise You a Forest by Voyageurs Immobiles (Québec)

Inspired by the seasons and the Indigenous Medicine Wheel, an Abitibi experimental cellist, an Anishinabeg artist and traditional musician, and a Polish-born director, unite to create an immersive space full of sounds, textures and poetic movement for young children to discover.

Drum, cello, voice, breath and the stage tell the story of the encounter of these three women who intertwine past and present, tradition and contemporaneity in a poetic and inclusive process.

For ages 12 months+

Fri June 2 at 13h-13h30 + meet the artists (PA day)

Sun June 4 at 12h30-1h + meet the artists

Sun June 4 at 13h30- 14h + meet the artists

Sun June 4 at 15h00- 15h30 + meet the artists

All performances are at Assembly Hall

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