Greenbelt Contested with David Crombie and Victor Doyle

Conservation v. Housing. It was lovely to know that even with all the sprawling subdivisions in the exurbs, we also had 8,094 square kilometers of land permanently preserved for nature and agriculture around it. Yet, there are some who believe that the Greenbelt restricts the ability to build the new homes needed for future residents and an overall lack of affordable homes, and should be opened up to development. Others argue that the Greenbelt is essential for protecting the region's natural environment, watershed, biodiversity and preventing greater urban sprawl. It is a timely and important issue with no easy answers. We will dive into how to balance the need for housing with the need to protect the environment with guests David Crombie and Victor Doyle.

David Crombie is a former Toronto Mayor, federal cabinet minister and importantly for our discussion, former chair of The Greenbelt Advisory Board, a body set up to advise all levels of government on how to better preserve the Greenbelt.

Victor Doyle is an expert in land use. He is a retired housing policy and planning official in the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs. He worked as the Manager of Planning Innovation in the Provincial Planning Policy Branch.