Game of Crohn's

Filmmaker and Comedian Dan Rosen brings his one person Fringe hit GAME OF CROHN'S to Toronto’s Wychwood Theatre for a limited engagement October 27th - 30th.

"[W]ith the light comedic touches in this performance you cannot help but fall in love with the character of this story and sympathize with his plight. […]A nice light show for everyone that teaches as well as entertains." 4 Stars

- Shelley Carr, "Theatre In" (London Fringe)

"At its core, it is about living with a chronic illness and finding ways to cope and live, while maintaining one's sense of humour." 4 out of 5

- Paula Kirman, "Gig City" (Edmonton Fringe)

"...literal toilet humour!"

- Cult MTL (Montreal Fringe)