Feast In The East 70: Whimm, Whip Kisser, Slurry, Leucrocuta

Feast In The East is a bi-monthly east end music, food, & art installation series.

This month features a free vegetarian gumbo dinner by Sam Davis.

WHIMM (https://whimm.bandcamp.com)

Toronto post punk trio Whimm (Pleasence Records) create the alientated rhythm driven rock songs that are surely to become the classic jammers of the future's dads. Dissonant guitar chords rock back & forth over driving drum patterns. Dark disaffected vocals float around in a world of effects and haunting sax whispers. Moody synth tones radiate like a slow flood over minimal percussion. Rich aural textures creep through Whimm's post punk groovers. Angular guitar notes bounce like springs against rigid drum heads. Simplicity lies at the heart of this power trio creating lasting grooves and riffs that they inevitably intend to destroy in a finite burst of chaos.

WHIP KISSER (https://whipkisser.bandcamp.com)

Toronto psych punk freaks know how to rip it gnarly. Raw guitar licks dripping with distortion groove over a swaggering drum beat. Ferocious vocals, almost as shredded up as the guitar tone, chew over top of Whip Kisser's menacing sound. Filled with the driving energy of a nascent punk band this trio reaches out into the psych burner zone. Extended languid jams see the wrecked guitar chords stretch into brooding beasts. Droned tones melt into each other. Meditative slow psych transforms into blistering heavy ripper jams. Guitars flare with cosmic dissonance. This needs to be experienced live!

SLURRY (https://slurryslurry.bandcamp.com)

Toronto crew mash up post punk angularity with the buoyancy of new wave. Strummed guitar notes meander into more noodle-y territory. Band members throw vocal duties around as both male & female voices merge into the fray. Stop & start rhythms drive the band as guitar notes & vocals slam on beat. The band jerks and sways as if in constant motion making last second changes in direction only to continue on the same way. Gentle breaks of minimalist guitar and vocal duets drip with weaving emotion, before they are swallowed up in the tempo blender.

LEUCROCUTA (https://soundcloud.com/lauradickens)

Laura Dickens' (Slutcode) solo project Leucrocuta sees her venture into dark electronic territory drawing on influence from industrial, ambient and more outside synth pop. Hard drum machines rhythms skitter & flow under layers of her vocals. Swaying like the winds, they coat her sonic landscape as they cut through with sharp hums. Vocal shadows scurry like insects. Leucrocuta feels like a dream often on fast forward, the distorted world seems almost surreal as it melts & shifts. Dickens' vocals become the only spirits that can inhabit the mutating forest she's created.

Environs by Charlie Murray (Still Boys)

$10 Adv at Circus Books and Music, Cask Music, Rotate This, and Soundscapes.

$12 at the door

All Ages!

Free dinner with adv. ticket!

Feast In The East is made possible through support from Moog Audio and Wellington Brewery

Feast In The East 70: Whimm, Whip Kisser, Slurry, Leucrocuta

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