Electric Garden Party!

Come to the Electric Garden Party!

It’s our seasonal alter-ego event to the German Sparkle Party! …and we use the same banging warehouse complex we made a sparkly mess of last December. It’s a perfect time of year to celebrate spring and get everyone together again. The sun's coming out, the clocks are moving back, and everything's feeling a whole lot brighter and more electric.

This event brings together the Promise and Ozmozis communities for the first time. We’ve both been celebrating creative indoor events for years now, and this one should be super special - combining the lush beautiful big-room feel of Ozmozis with the lighter tighter warehouse feel of Promise, and all the decor touches that bring it to life.

Bring your friends, bring a smile, wear a touch of colour with your techno best or go full flower and creative. Dive into a luscious warehouse garden together.

The DJ line-up:

John ‘00’ Fleming (JOOF / Brighton UK)

Kris Morton

Oz Akgun


Ron Like Hell (Wrecked / NYC)

Zuzana Grimm

Aeryn Pfaff

Sofia Fly



Full Promise staff team

Impeccable sound by Sustain and Ulloriaq

Custom stage by Calder and Karl

Dance Safe Crew by PsyLush

Bar by Liz and Brooklyn

Photography by Ded Pixel

Art and Decor by Promise

Comfy couch lounge

Face painting

Photo booth

ATM onsite

Plenty of washrooms

Doors: 10pm to 5am, 19+

Government issued ID required

Venue: Black Creek Assembly (Huge 2-room warehouse)

131 McCormack Street, Toronto, ON M6N 1X8