Double Vision: Robocop

Double your Vision, Double your fun!

Do you like genre films? What about genre films that have a thematic connection, thoughtfully paired for your viewing pleasure? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, our new series, Double Vision, is for you!

This month: bonkers brain transplants! We’ll start the night with a film that asks the question: are robot cops better than human cops?

In a violent, near-apocalyptic Detroit, evil corporation Omni Consumer Products wins a contract from the city government to privatize the police force. To test their crime-eradicating cyborgs, the company leads street cop Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) into an armed confrontation with crime lord Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) so they can use his body to support their untested RoboCop prototype. But when RoboCop learns of the company’s nefarious plans, he turns on his masters.

Followed by: Tammy and the T-Rex (see schedule)

See one or see them both, either way you can’t go wrong!