Darkness and Light

Attention string quartet lovers and musical thrill seekers: this concert is for you! The New Orford String Quartet, called “string virtuosos [who] animate every note with uncommon power and passion as well as elegance,” (Toronto Star) return as TSM fan favourites. This glorious string quartet by Schubert was his final exploration of this medium, cast on a grand scale and displaying all the warmth and wisdom he had accumulated up to that point in his tragically brief career. The fourth of Hungarian master Béla Bartók’s Six String Quartets (1928) is an arresting and truly dynamic work. Canadian composer Kelly-Marie Murphy is represented by her vibrant string quartet "Oblique Light," a reflection on, to quote the composer, “How we experience light in a northern climate.”

Visit https://torontosummermusic.com/event/darkness-and-light/ for ticket info.

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