Crimson Wave Comedy

Taurus season officially starts this April 21 and WE ARE SO EXCITED !

What does TAURUS SEASON even mean ?
Well from April 21 to May 21, things will be sensual, you will feel more grounded, you will feel loyalty, security, devotion and persistence its going to be great !!! Also Natalie's period is a Taurus so happy birthday to Natalie's period which will be 22 years old !!! wow Legal in all states...
We know its also passover and easter but like whatever....
As always we invite you to see some of the BEST Canadian comedians ! GET THOSE TICKETS

Find The Crimson Wave podcast at:( Its not just about menstruation. It's about everything! Sex, dating, astrology and more. The show runs every Sunday at the gorgeous Comedy Bar.

The show is feminist friendly, LGBTQ positive, and features zero rape jokes. For this very special show Tickets are 10 dollars and can be bought on the Comedy Bar website !

Performances by
Nour Hadidi
Sarah St-fleur
Sam Rudykoff
Laura Leibow
Hisham Kelati
Salma Hindy
Hoodo Hersi

Hosted by two heathens Natalie Norman and Jess Beaulieu

Crimson Wave Comedy

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