CMYK9 is a free admission, solo exhibition by fine art photographer Michelle Leone Huisman. The show explores our social relationship with our pandemic pets and their changing view of the world during this time. While we know dogs have dichromatic vision (only able to see in two colours), Huisman has imagined their colour spectrum changing as dramatically as our lives over the last three years. Through her striking, one-of-a-kind portraits, Huisman asks: have emotional bonds with our pets helped us through some of our most challenging times?

As with Huisman’s previous work, the pandemic pet photographs of CMYK9 are hand-painted, unique limited editions using a 19th Century technique called tri-colour gum bichromate. CMYK refers to the four colours used in this printing technique: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black or palladium). K9, of course, refers to the show’s canine friends turned models. This technique is reputed to maintain its quality for more than 500 years.

Gallery Hours: Tues–Fri 9:30am–5pm & Sat & Sun 11–3pm or by appointment

Michelle will also be on site for Pet Portraits during Do West Fest, June 10 and 11.

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