CMC Presents : Pursuit Grooves and Masahiro Takahashi

CMC Presents: Pursuit Grooves and Masahiro Takahashi

Join The Canadian Music Centre on April 12 at the Chalmers Hall performance space for our next CMC Presents, featuring Pursuit Grooves (Vanese Smith) & Masahiro Takahashi.

Doors: 7 p.m. ET

Concert: 7:30 p.m. ET

Reception to follow

Pursuit Grooves

Based in Toronto, Canada, originally from the Washington, DC area, Pursuit Grooves (Vanese Smith) started producing music as a teenager to accompany the lyrics she was writing. ​She has been obsessed with sound ever since.

She makes music that is sonically adventurous, oscillating between moments of jittery tension and silky release, producing chopped-up basslines, woozy cinematic melodies and improvisatory funk in order to create a beautiful balance of light and dark, fragility and toughness, seamlessly blending deep machine soul, dismantled hip-hop instrumentals and heavy hitting, genre-bending dub.

Masahiro Takahashi

For the good part of the past decade, Japanese composer-musician Masahiro Takahashi has been crafting gently spellbinding pieces that simultaneously embrace electronic abstraction and a palpable, even brittle, humanity. His delicate and evocative landscapes always seem to be illuminated in vibrant magic hour tones as golden synth lines emanate from between soft flickers of acoustic instrumentation.